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Singing 'round the Maypole for the annual Waldorf Academy Maypole Festival in Toronto, Ontario

I Like to Rise

Drawing from her popular song circles throughout downtown Toronto, Leah recorded the hits from her classes.  Hiring the best musicians and team, this acoustic album features beautiful guitar work by Jason Fowler and tasteful engineering and production by John Zytaruk. It was recorded live over only 2 days!

Father Sun and Mother Moon

This material came from a more celestial place. Drawing on the success of the first recording, this album was more fleshed out and realized. Still recorded in rapid time (to capture a live energy), this kept the folk feel but had a pop sensibility with production by Chris Gartner. Sahra Featherstone plays fiddle and Celtic harp magically.

Under a Winter Star

Instead of recording live with all players, this seasonal recording grew with layers added. Once again produced beautifully by Chris Gartner, this recording has been praised for capturing a wide variety of winter themed classics.

The title track is an original piece by Leah and a school Winter concert favourite.

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