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Birchmount Library, Etobicoke, Ontario.


Leah Salomaa sings music for everyone in the family.


There are no gimmicks and she doesn't patronize. Clear, passionate and often therapeutic is her approach to singing for babies, children, parents and grandparents.


This work, performance and collection of recordings grew from an organic place. Leah started singing with her mother (a music teacher and folk singer in Toronto, Canada) at the young age of 4 years old. As Leah grew in the vibrant Toronto arts scene (studying and performing professionally in voice, violin, ballet, modern and theatre) she brought her talents into the classroom as a special guest at her mother's Montessori music classes.


Leah fused her experience as a performing artist, understanding of folk music from singing at home and her new love of music from her Celtic heritage. By the time she was 18 she was getting music circle jobs of her own throughout downtown Toronto.


In 2004, now a mother herself, Leah decided to take the popular songs from her music circles (a collection of classic children's songs, Celtic and East Coast Canadian folk, American traditional folk and some original) and record them onto cd for families to enjoy at home.


Over the past 12 years these songs have been spread far and wide and continue to be worldwide top selling children's songs online. Her cds have appeared in notable children's book stores across Canada and she has been a special guest at folk festivals such as "Hillside" (Guelph), "Home County" (London), "Strawberry Festival" (Stouffville) and countless libraries, Early Years Centres and public school workshops and performances.


Now located in London, Ontario Leah continues to teach privately, lead music circles and perform this material for all sorts of family events and stages.


To receive a quote for either private instruction or public performance email Leah at:


"A hit with young children and their parents alike"





"Leah Salomaa is an exceptional Canadian Vocalist, Musician, Composer, Children's Music Education Specialist and Teacher. Her glorious voice and wonderful musicianship will take you and your family to a happy place!"


Fire the Imagination

"Family Entertainment to Educate and Inspire"


"Leah Salomaa has many years of experience teaching, singing and playing music for children. Her beautiful voice, deep musicality,  gentle manner and rich trove of great songs and musical activities makes her an ideal guide for any child being introduced to the world of music. I still have fond memories of Leah's music classes I attended with my now 16 year old daughter Willa when she was two to four years of age, and have passed on some of the songs I learned from Leah to my younger children. She's the best!"


Glenn Milchem

Blue Rodeo



"Through the years my daughters have grown up with Leah Salomaa's beautiful music. Whether she's singing well known popular songs, or Celtic classics, Leah always captivates the kids and appeals to parents with her adventurous voice. My now teenaged daughters learned about creative movement and song from Leah back in the day, and now my 4 yr old has followed in her sisters footsteps. Leah's album "I Like to Rise" is one of the youngster's favorites. This means Leah has been singing in our house for over 15 years! Luckily, her sophisticated but accessible approach to kids music means that "I Like to Rise" still sounds fresh and represents her ongoing commitment to great songs and beautiful singing. The Stewart's Love Leah!"


Tyler Stewart

Barenaked Ladies




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